This site is part of a presentation that will be given at the University of Central Florida for ENG 6800. It is intended to be a brief resource for those interested in Technology, Consciousness and Literacy and the effects Literacy has on culture.

There are four sections to the website: 1) The Vai Project- which is an outline of the project that is detailed in The Psychology of Literacy, 2) Views on Orality and Literacy- which is a brief guide to some of the literature on the topic, 3) Useful definitions- a short list of definitions relating to orality and literacy and 4) Annotated Bibliography. Also on the home page of this site you will find discussion questions.

Contributing authors: Amanda Perez-Carroll and Camila Alvarez.


1. After all the information we have presented and after your reading of Ong how would you define orality and literacy?

2. What are the implications of the Vai Project findings?

3. As an artist, do you think that Rives is entering the orality vs literacy dichotomy? If so, what is he saying?

4. How does electracy combine and modify both orality and literacy?

5. If our mode of communication affects our consciousness and thinking processes, what are the possible effects of electracy?